Our focus is within developing and creating innovative and ground breaking technology within the Juvenile Products Industry, We provide a new level of digital features and functions to Parents and carers of young children through our brand partners.



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SMART Car Seat Systems, A new era of safety & comfort

Real time intelligent installation monitoring, ensuring safety at all times

A report by the national highway traffic safety administration found that 59% of car seats are fitted incorrectly in which safety was reduced.

Our SMART Car seat systems monitor all aspects of installation, use and adapts as the child grows based on the childs height and weight.

Clear & simple guidance, which adapts as your child grows!

LED light strips provide clear and simple visual aids to parents. Our intelligent child detection system analyse’s in real time the height and weight of the child and guides the parents through the correct set up via the app, whether rear facing, front facing or booster mode. The LED indicators provide quick and clear status indicators and whether there is a loose fittings or incorrect installation.

Anti-Abandonment Safety System, for peace of mind

The Anti-abandonment safety system is pressure activated and via the app notifies you when your child is left unattended in the vehicle, an emergency SMS is sent to your emergency contacts if the first alert is missed or ignored with the location of the child. 

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    Temperature monitoring, ensuring safety at all times

    Babies are less able to regulate their body temperature & when exposed to cold can quickly develop a dangerously low body temperature (i.e., become hypothermic).

    Heat extremes can lead to heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat stroke. Children overheat 5 times faster than adults.

    Our SMART system monitors the temperature around the child and provides advice to the parent if the temperature is too high or too low.

    Unbuckled monitoring and more!

    Our SMART system monitors child safety at all times including unbuckling alerts, child left seat alerts, harness tension, top tether tension and more… The ultimate in car safety!

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      Fast integration, ensuring safety at all times

      Our SMART systems are designed and customised to fit all types of car seats. We work with you through a 6 phase program to customise features, functions and execution to create the perfect SMART car seat for your brand!

      All our SMART systems integrate seamlessly with our platform

      The Chillbaby IOT Eco-System, Supporting your SMART product network

      Creating your Brands App, your voice in your customers pockets

      All our products work with Chillbaby app framework providing your customers with unparalleled control over their SMART products.

      We completely customise the front end to match your brand’s identity and work with you to add new digital features such as nursery planners, how to guides and more. 

      With access to Chillbaby.io your marketing team has access to unprecedented customer insights which predicts consumer needs and drives D2C sales.

      CBT Platform, The right messaging at the right time to the right customer!

      Our platform analyzes data from the device, consumer app and various other sources to provide great insights into how the products are used, consumer behaviours, lifestyle, environment and more, creating a fully comprehensive customer profile enabling us to accurately predict customer needs driving follow on sales, up sales and cross sales directly via the consumer app.

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