Our focus is within developing and creating innovative and ground breaking technology within the Juvenile Products Industry, We provide a new level of digital features and functions to Parents and carers of young children through our brand partners.



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The Juvenile Products IOT Revolution is here, driving industry innovation

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ChillBaby is a Complete IoT Eco-system from SMART Product to Platform

Chillbaby technologies develops and manufactures innovative SMART hardware for the Juvenile products industry. Unlocking new and exciting features for your customers, our SMART systems are designed to be integrated into your existing product lines.

In essence, we help brands turn their existing products into exciting SMART products improving safety, comfort and wellness!

What we do:

Hardware Development unlocking a world of advanced features

A full range of SMART systems for strollers, car seats and child nurseries improving the safety, comfort and wellness of children everywhere!

We work with you to customise and adapt our SMART systems to fit your existing product lines, match your customers needs and drive a new era in connectivity.

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    We develop and manage your brands app, your voice in your customers pockets

    Developing your app using Chillbaby framework and API’s we provide your customers with unparalleled control over their SMART products.

    We completely customise the front end to match your brand’s identity and work with you to add new digital features such as nursery planners, how to guides and more. 

    With access to Chillbaby.io your marketing team has access to unprecedented customer insights which predicts consumer needs and drives D2C sales.

    We manufacture the SMART hardware ready to integrate into your existing products

    Throughout the hardware development step we analyse your existing product lines, features / functions required, budgets and any restrictions to create the perfect SMART system for your brand.

    We then manufacture and supply the SMART systems ready for easy integration to your final assembly plant.

    All the SMART systems are rigorously tested and continuously monitored whilst in market through our SMART platform and device health checks to ensure the highest quality and user experience

    CBT Platform, The right messaging at the right time to the right customer!

    Our platform analyzes data from the device, consumer app and various other sources to provide great insights into how the products are used, consumer behaviours, lifestyle, environment and more, creating a fully comprehensive customer profile enabling us to accurately predict customer needs driving follow on sales, up sales and cross sales directly via the consumer app.

    A Pricing Structure that works for you!

    Hardware/ App Development

    We charge a fixed product development fee, depending on your requirements and customization
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    IoT Platform

    Use of the Platform is free for brands, but we charge a commission on direct sales via the app.
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    SMART Hardware Systems

    $/Per unit
    We charge a fixed price per unit on all SMART systems. Get in contact with us to discuss your exact requirements
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