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SMART Climate Control driving safety, comfort and wellness

Children under 5 are especially vulnerable to health effects felt during extreme temperatures. 

Heat related illness and discomfort can be largely avoided through technology and allow for a safer more comfortable family time throughout the summer!

Cools from 30º to a more comfortable 20ºC in extreme heat. The cooling range is 10ºC.
Warms from 0ºC to a comfortable 18ºC. Warming range is between 18ºC and 15ºC.
The Temperature monitor detects extremes and alerts parents or carers when temperatures can start to become uncomfortable or dangerous for young children.
Should you phone run out of battery, you forget it or a grandparent is looking after your child the device will still operate in Auto-Climate mode.
Glowing orange & red when heating. Ice white and Blue when cooling. White when child first detected

Gentle warming, Dual purpose system for both heating and cooling

Our SMART Climate technology uses a Thermo-Electric system to gently warm or cool your child in high or low temperatures, the user can either set the system to High, Low or Medium settings for both heating or Cooling.

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