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October 12, 2020
Design / Technology
The Snuggo™

How it Works

The Snuggo is the worlds most advanced Climate controlling SMART system for Prams, Strollers and Car seats. The Snuggo™ system was developed to give parents and carers complete control and peace of mind whilst ensuring babies are safe and comfortable whilst out and about during the winter and summer months.

This was an internal development project in which our designers and developers were given the challenge of creating modular system which allows parents to control and monitor the temperature of the interior of a pram or stroller which is low cost and non intrusive on the child. This was an end to end project and our team went through our 6 Phased development strategy to create the Snuggo™ System which we now license to brands within the Juvenile products industry.

“The ability to keep your child cool in the summer just by using an app is amazing!.”

During the summer months the temperatures regularly exceed 90℉ and with Children overheating 5 times faster than adults it makes them particularly vulnerable during these times and prone to heat related illnesses which can limit the enjoyment of a young family during these months! With any Snuggo™ enabled prams or products you can keep your child’s environment at a cool 72℉ all day long, providing peace of mind and freedom to enjoy the summer months with young children!

“It works equally well in the winter months at keeping your child warm.”

The system will also gently heat in the winter or cooler months, enabling you to maintain 68ºf – 72ºf climate around your baby. In cold temperatures below 45ºf our superheat system automatically kicks in and will maintain 72ºf in the pram in climates as low as 14ºf!!!

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Safety alerts & Auto-Climate

Not only does The Snuggo™ allow you to set and control the climate around your mini human, it also features an Auto-climate system! Any time the Snuggo™ senses a baby or young child the system will automatically switch on and either heat or cool to 72ºf, When the child is taken out of the Pram / Car seat the system automatically turns off again. You will also receive safety alerts such as temperature alerts, low battery, proximity alerts and more!


Part of the SMART family of products is an accompanying app under your brand which provides additional benefits and information to the parents.

The App feature’s a fully interactive dashboard showing the range of products the consumer has linked to their account and will include a variety of helpful information and advice to allow parents to make informed decisions on how to ensure their child is safe and comfortable.The App provides helpful resources such as set up guides, best use guides, helpful hints and tips and more branded content which can be shared across the user’s social networks to help other new parents in their social circle.

One aim of the App is to support and promote cross selling to customers across the SMART family of products.For example, if a family has bought a car seat then they may also need a highchair for their baby or a baby carrier etc.

The App is designed to ensure that customers:


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All products in the collection connect to the same App meaning the more products they buy the more of an insight they have into their baby's health and happiness.

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