Our focus is within developing and creating innovative and ground breaking technology within the Juvenile Products Industry, We provide a new level of digital features and functions to Parents and carers of young children through our brand partners.



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ChillBaby.io SMART Platform

Chillbaby.io platform compliments our hardware and SMART app systems. Our brand partners get access to our powerful platform to view analytics, create and deliver marketing campaigns, communicate directly with customers and manage the content on their app.

APP CMS & Control Centre
Powerful Analytics Software
Targeted Marketing Suite
Customer Service Software
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Intelligent Analytics

Full System Analytics
Our Platform gives managers the tools to login to our cloud portal and view detailed analytics across App use, demographics, growth, usage and behaviors. Managers can also monitor customer service performance, marketing campaign effectiveness and activities and produce detailed reports for decision making and goal setting.
The Platform can be fully customized to meet your brands specific needs, goals and metrics. Please discuss this with your account manager during the development phase.
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Powerful Marketing Suite

The direct marketing suite gives your marketing team the tools to design, create and send targeted messaging from the platform direct to your customers app, whether sending a highly targeted message to a segmented group of 100 people or a time limited sales event to 1M.
Our campaign analytics tool allows marketers to dive deeper into the effectiveness of individual campaigns, carry out A/B split testing and provide detailed reports on campaign goals and outcomes.
A Complete marketing toolbox
Turbo charge your direct selling by sending targeted marketing campaigns and offers to existing clients.
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Join our happy customers

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APP CMS, Management and Control Centre

The App’s CMS software allows you to monitor, amend and update the media, descriptions and data available to customers on your app.
The easy-to-use software makes it fast and efficient to update all aspects of your digital product assets without the need for any coding or lengthy updates.
The platform is designed to make it easy for brands to launch new products or features. By adding a product to the platform, creating a “launch” in-app message and sending push notifications to your customers you can ensure that your complete loyal customer base knows your latest product developments at the click of a button.
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Customer Service Platform

Customer satisfaction
Our integrated customer service software streamlines your customer support process ensuring customers are happier. Happy customers are customers who will keep returning, increasing their loyalty to your brand.
Your customer service agents can login to the platform to view the number of outstanding tickets, continue working on open tickets, close tickets once the issue is resolved and have a clear view on pending workload and tasks.
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We Deliver Innovative Digital & Hardware Solutions
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