Our focus is within developing and creating innovative and ground breaking technology within the Juvenile Products Industry, We provide a new level of digital features and functions to Parents and carers of young children through our brand partners.



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September 18, 2019
ChillBaby™ Technologies

How it Works

Part of the SMART family of products is an accompanying app under your brand which provides additional benefits and information to the parents.

The App feature’s a fully interactive dashboard showing the range of products the consumer has linked to their account and will include a variety of helpful information and advice to allow parents to make informed decisions on how to ensure their child is safe and comfortable.

The App provides helpful resources such as set up guides, best use guides, helpful hints and tips and more branded content which can be shared across the user’s social networks to help other new parents in their social circle.

A Powerful Marketing Platform, which helps us segment and target relevant customers with relevant messages at the right time!


Increase sales by Increasing the value to customers and offer strong USP’s. Increase Direct Sales & GM.
Increase customer loyalty and cross selling throughout the range of SMART products and accessories.
Integrated social media sharing. Turn customers into micro influencers and viral customers. 1 Customer into 3.


The App and marketing system is designed to support and promote cross selling to customers across the SMART family of products. For example, if a family has bought a car seat then they may also need a highchair for their baby or a baby carrier or if their child is starting to outgrow their existing car seat then it may be time for them to consider buying the next size up. 

The Marketing system ensure’s your marketing department know when a child may be or has grown out of the existing products, what complimentary products or accessories they might need and provide a way for them to purchase directly through the app.


Provide a resource for all Products in your collection
1 App for all Products in the SMART range
Can buy any products through the App


Of all sales are related to word of mouth
Of people rely on recommendations from friends or family when researching a new product purchase

Via the App, you can directly send customers and community daily, weekly or monthly updates, whether images, quotes, competitions, advice or videos, which can then be shared and posted online across their social media platforms.

The more engaging and helpful the content, the higher the share rate. By turning customers into organic brand ambassadors can give huge reach. CTR 3% and conversion rate 5% will give us close to the goal of turning 1 customer into 3.

// A Powerful App and Marketing Software =

Your Voice in your customers pockets!