Our focus is within developing and creating innovative and ground breaking technology within the Juvenile Products Industry, We provide a new level of digital features and functions to Parents and carers of young children through our brand partners.



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April 20, 2019
Design / Ideas
ChillBaby™ Technologies

How it Works

Our Patent pending SMART air purifier has been specifically designed to operate in semi enclosed areas both inside and outside the home.The SMART system monitors the air quality around the child and in the event of poor air quality the air filter system switches on and alerts the parent via the SMART app. The air filter system then filters out any harmful particles and provides clean safe air for the child.

93% of children worldwide live in areas where air pollution exceeds WHO guidelines Over 600,000 children currently die every year from air pollution.

Process & Results

Our system detects Common forms of air pollution such as:

•Air Quality (PM2.5) – Air pollution, Organic air quality, Mineral dust..
•Chemical (HCHO) Air quality – Tobacco smoke, Wood burning
•PM10 – Dust, Construction debris, and Smoke
•PM1.0 – Vehicle pollution

The system is designed for indoor and outdoor use on Juvenile products such as prams and strollers.

In an open mixed scenario such as a Pram direct air change from the SMART system is approx. 60 – 70% efficient. Air change per minute is approx. 25 (ACPM)

The SMART Air Purifier uses Class H14 Hepa filters and activated carbon which is the standard used in environments such as Clean rooms, surgical rooms and static free rooms and increases air quality by up to 84%

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